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What Indian Youth Need to Know About Indian Culture
All that is old or ancient is not necessarily outdated and all that is new may not be good, even if it is fashionable. In this simple advice, lies the key to understanding young India’s predicament.
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Reduce divide between science and spirituality: Amma
"Segregating science and spirituality has been the greatest crime against humanity in the past century. These two main branches of knowledge that should have gone hand in hand were divided and practitioners were either labeled as modern scientists or representatives of religious faiths," she said.
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Building a young nation of character
India’s vast youth population is its demographic potential dividend, but only if equipped and enabled with this seven dimensional intelligence.
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1 million children in India still don't go to school
India, Indonesia and Pakistan each have more than a million children out of school, according to a United Nations report which said the global number of unschooled children aged 6 to 11 is still as high as 58 million, showing little overall improvement since 2007.
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