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Section : Youth - Career

Latest Articles For Youth - Career
Dying at 22 is too steep a price for being ‘the best’
young men who are literally killing themselves in jobs that pay big bucks, but extract a gigantic price. Yes, Indians today can lay claim to being the best-educated, highest paid ethnic group in America. But, at what cost?
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Techniques that Employers Employ
This article contains views from the interviewer's perspective. You will see how interviewwes attempt get information out of you and tactics fo handling each situation.
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What are Social Skills?
Social skills are the skills we rely on when interacting with other people. Navigating social situations is one of the most complex tasks human beings perform.
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Managers and the Art of Listening
A simple parable is popular in Africa about why human beings have two ears but only one tongue: God has ordained this way so that we must listen twice as much as we speak.
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