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Section : Women - Empowerment

Latest Articles For Women - Empowerment
Asia's migrant domestic workers rally to fight low pay and abuse
Asia is home to 41 percent of the estimated 53 million domestic workers worldwide, most of them women who enjoy few rights, work excessively long days and earn far below the minimum wage, rights groups say.
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25-year-old Captain Divya Ajith leads first all-women contingent in Republic Day parade
While women officers have been participating in previous Republic Day parades, this was the first time that an all-women's contingent of the armed forces marched down Rajpath.
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Not Obama, here's Modi's big PR win: Puja Thakur, first Indian woman to lead guard of honour
Speaking to ANI, Thakur said, "Right from training days we are treated just like male officers. So, we are officers first and women later."
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Degenerating social values, callous police
According to the National Crime Records Bureau, the total number of rapes in the country increased alarmingly from 24,293 in 2012 to 33,707 in 2013. In Delhi, the number of cases more than doubled from 706 to 2012 to 1,636 in 2013, taking the daily average incidence to four.
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भारतीय स्त्रीशक्ति @ 25
भारतीय संस्क्रति का सनातन मूल तत्व है, एकात्म जीवन दर्शन। प्रक्रति के अनंत रंग, रुप, आकार, ध्वनि, गंध, वनस्पति, पशु, पक्षी एंव मानव इन सभी मे एकात्मता का अनुभव ही साक्षात एकात्मता का दर्शन है। इस
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