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How can we locate the North Star?
From the ancient times, the mariners in the Northern Hemisphere have been finding their way by observing the position of a bright star that is almost exactly in line with the North Pole. This star is called the North Star or the Pole Star or Polaris.
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What is a Cosmic year?
The cosmic year is realated to the motion of a galaxy. A galaxy is a large system of stars held together by gravitational force. There are millions of galaxies in the universe. The size of a galaxy is measured in Light Years. The diameters of different galaxies range from a few thousand Light Years to 500,000 Light Years.
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What is Electroplating?
Electroplating is a process of metal coating through electrolysis. Electrolysis is passing of an electric current through an electrolyte solution. In the other words, it is the process to cover a metal with a thin coating of another metal either for protection against corrosion or for beautification of house hold items.
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