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Section : Health - Treatment

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Relieve Stress Naturally with the Ashwagandha Herb
Ashwagandha can help manage not only mental stress, but also physical. As anyone who has been stressed, which is everyone, can attest to — it’s not just the mind that is affected but the body as well. It sucks your energy from you no matter how hard you try. And for severe cases of depression, it can be physically difficult to even get out of bed.
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How Autistic Children Can be Healed with Ayurveda Therapy
The exact specifics of Autism are vague under modern medicine but Ayurveda provides clear cut answers. According to Ayurveda are four states of imbalance due to the disharmony in the brain and life forces.
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It is frequently prescribed in Europe by medical doctors including oncologists in addition to the conventional cancer therapies, radiation, surgery and chemotherapy. Nowadays in Europe, mistletoe is a key component in conventional cancer therapy. Here in India, following training doctors have begun to use Mistletoe for cancer cases.
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Bengaluru boy gives his heart to Russian kid
"It had been a very trying time for the past one month and I could not control my tears when I finally saw the heart arrive at the hospital from the airport.
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Cry for support for dementia caregivers
“The traditional family support system has been strong enough to take care of mild deficits that come with dementia,” said A.B. Dey, head of the department of geriatric medicine at the All India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi.
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Ayurveda Treatment for Neymar: Report Submitted to CM
three weeks of treatment will be carried out in Brazil which will be followed by a month-long therapy in Kerala.
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