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|| ? ?? ?????? ?????? ????? ??????? || Let nobel thoughts come to us from everywhere, from all the world || 1.89.1 Rigveda ||
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Southern Saints - Social Reformers In Tamil Nadu You’ve ProbSouthern Saints - Social Reformers In Tamil Nadu You’ve Probably Never Heard Aboutably Never Heard About
In Tamil Nadu, the anti-Hindu rhetoric of the Dravidian movement was totally rejected by the people when they showed their affection for a definitely pro-Hindu M.G.Ramachandran and chose him over M.Karunanidhi.
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Vedas In Bali Islands Catur Veda Sira
the nationalist (Bhumiputra) theory is that Indonesians chose the culture themselves after having traveled to India.
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-Gita which forms a part of the Bhishma Parva of the great epic, the Mahabharata, contains the essence of all the basic scriptures of the Bharatiya philosophy. As the fundamental teachings of the Gita are suited to all times
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