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|| आ नो भद्राः क्रतवो यन्तु विश्वतः || Let nobel thoughts come to us from everywhere, from all the world || 1.89.1 Rigveda ||
Section : Science and Technology

Tank Built By A Lakh Men 1100Years Ago Feeds Chennai
Veeranam Lake was built in the Tenth Century during the time of Greater Cholas, from 907–955 AD, by Rajadithya Chola.

By Venkata Ramanan

While we keep questioning about the antiquity of our culture,dismissing them as Myths/legends we keep using the facilities built by them for our daily use even today.

I can make out a long list of them.

In this first article let me look at the reservoir, Lake built around AD, which quenches Chennai’s thirst.( a Metro in India).

This Lake, located 14 km (8.7 mi) SSW of Chidambaram in Cuddalore district in the state of Tamil Nadu in South India. 1 km (0.62 mi) from Sethiyathope., 235 km (146 mi) from Chennai, India.

Veeranam Reservoir which has a capacity of 1.5 thousand million cubic feet (tmcft), supplies 180 million litres a day (MLD) to the city.

Who Built this Lake?


Veeranam Reservoir, near Chennai.

Veeranam Lake was built in the Tenth Century during the time of Greater Cholas, from 907–955 AD, by Rajadithya Chola.

The Rashtrakutas under Krishna III mounted multiple invasions into the Chola territories between 940 and 950 A.D. In order to ward of the attacks, Rajaditya stationed himself at Takkōlam along with his troops during the latter part of his reign.


Veeranam Location.

Rajadithya was appointed by his father Parantaka Chola 1 in charge of Northern Territory of the Chola.

Rajadithya had over 100,000 Men constituting his army and he did not want to keep them idle.

He made them build a Lake, called Veerananarayna Lake, named after the Presiding Deity  Lord Vishnu in Cuddalore/Thiruppadithiripuliyur.

He also carried out works in the temple.

In the 1830s, (later Sir) Arthur Cotton, the engineer who later harnessed the waters of the Krishna and Godavari, studied the tank in detail. He noted that there was no serious defect in the tank (this, 900 years after it was constructed)

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