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|| आ नो भद्राः क्रतवो यन्तु विश्वतः || Let nobel thoughts come to us from everywhere, from all the world || 1.89.1 Rigveda ||
Section : Science and Technology

Rain Making Veda Mantra
Discovery of the role of bacteria such as Pseudomonas Syringe in nucleation of ice at higher temperatures opens the possibility that these bacteria can facilitate precipitation from water bearing clouds at the prevailing temperature.

By Venkata Ramanan

There are certain areas where one does not enquire too much nor does one pay attention to.


If one were to follow the mantras in the Vedas, with a keen and inquiring Mind, one  would find Links to information which was considered obsolete and


mere poetic imagination to be more scientific than Modern Science.


One of the charges leveled against Hinduism and Vedas especially is that some Hindu fanatics , after coming to know of some astonishing Inventions and


technology, declare that,


‘This is in Hinduism’.


And they declare that , quite valid it is, these people await the Inventions and Technological advancement an declare that Hinduism has said it later.


If the Vedas and the mantras are so Scientific and advanced , why do not the Hindus  declare a Fact in advance rather than waiting for Science to come

out with a new Discovery?


Shrauta Yagya Image.jpg.
Here the adhvaryu priests and Brahmans are performing a Vedic (shrauta) yagya and offer to a sacrificial fire. Everything that is offered into the fire is believed to reach the gods (© Indranil Mukherjee).



Rain makiig Yagna.jpg.
A devoted priest is praying and meditating during the Vedic yagya ceremony. As you can see, the tub is surrounded by many pink flowers (© Indranil Mukherjee).Rain makiig Yagna



So I shall be posting, as and when I get the information, such facts and procedures as found in the Vedas regarding Nature, its principles.


The thoughts to be presented may look outrageous but one ought to try.


Did we think of a small gadget that can fit into one’s palms, that can make you accessible to people close to you, though they  are Physically far away

and the same Gadget gives you information on anything on the earth and even tells others where you are, without your permission and Knowledge?


I am talking about Mobile Phones.


Science advances only when it tries out outrageous concepts without fear or reservations.


Technology has grown at a fantastic pace because a few dared to think outrageously.


One must follow this approach this when studying the Vedas.


Whereas Science explains the procedure of every experiment and makes you understand the results, The Vedas gives you the result and keeps quiet


about the processes.


In Science you are expected to obey the Laboratory Conditions to get the desired , consistent result.


In the case of the Vedas , this is replaced by faith and adherence to some procedures which one may not be able to understand.


Extend the courtesy to the Vedic thoughts as you would for a Laboratory procedure, you shall get unimaginable results by applying the principles of

the Vedas.


I had already posted how electric Power was generated by using the two lines of the Purusha Sukta.


Now I am posting information as to how to make rains, not artificial ones, but natural one.


This is the mantra for rain.


‘Mandalaandhar Ghatham-Hiranmayam,


Prajaamaana -Vapusham Susismitham,






This mantra is the Dhyana Sloka of the Eighth Mantra of the  First Namakam of Sri Rudram.


Each of the (Rudra) Namaka has  a special Rishi,Chandas,and Devataha.


For the mantra stated here,


The Rishi is Maruthvan(Facilitator of rain),


Chandas-Aasathaara Pangthi and Jagathee( these are specific meters to be used while reciting) and


The Devatha – Parameswara.


Follow the Puja procedure of Rudra for this Mantra, have Angannyaasa  Karanyaasa andrecite 1008 times.


You shall get Rain.


Why don’t the Skeptics try?


Rig Vedic Mantra fro rains and Research.






Artificial Rain Making  Modern Science  &Vedas

Science tells us nothing can be created from nothing. For making any rains it is necessary to have water bearing clouds.Till recently the phenomenon of precipitation of clouds was considered only on basis of physical sciences, and artificial rain making experiments were made with solid dry ice to initiate precipitation. But now with developments in biotechnology the role played by microorganisms in rain making is getting to be noticed.

P. syringae also produce Ina proteins which cause water to freeze at fairly high temperatures, resulting in injury to plants. Since the 1970s, P. syringae has been implicated as an atmospheric “biological ice nucleator”, with airborne bacteria serving as cloud condensation nuclei. Recent evidence has suggested that the species plays a larger role than previously thought in producing rain and snow. They have also been found in the cores of hailstones, aiding in bioprecipitation.[5] These Ina proteins are also used in making artificial snow.[6]

Discovery of the role of bacteria such as Pseudomonas Syringe in nucleation of ice at higher temperatures opens the possibility that these bacteria can facilitate precipitation from water bearing clouds  at the prevailing temperature. These bacteria are found profusely in green and rotting leaves at the ground levels. These bacteria are also known to spread very widely in the atmosphere and reach cloud heights on their own. At cloud levels they cause nucleation of ice at the prevailing cloud temperatures, and this induces the clouds to release rains. In absence of these bacteria clouds will have to travel to far colder higher mountainous regions to cause precipitation if any, and thus bypass many areas that were used to experience good rains in the past.

This microbiological phenomenon, to initiate precipitation of rains is described by the scientists in the report give below…….


“There are enumerable references in Vedas to artificial rain making activities and specific Yagyas are described to promote rains.


Yagyas can only be the facilitators for inducing the water bearing clouds to release the rains.



Even some  past experiments by scientists in India could not establish a positive result of Yagyas.( more due to our lack of scientific insights). In presence of widely present vegetation the environments could be rich with rain inducing microbes .


Yagyas performed in such environments could facilitate the transport of these microbes to higher cloud level altitudes and induce precipitation.



This makes it very easy to understand the scientific wisdom of the following Ved mantra from Rig Ved.  

  ऋग्वेद 1/37/11 मरुतो देवता:

त्यं चिद् घा दीर्घं पृथुं मिहो नपातम मृध्रम् !

प्र च्यावयान्ति  यामाभि: !!

(It is important to bear in mind that according to modern science of microbiology, the entire universe is pervaded by microbes. All life science phenomenons is progressively being conceive to be caused by actions initiated by microbial populations. In Vedas ‘Maruts’ मरुत are what modern science describes as microbes. Winds, Atmosphere, Rizosphere, Biosphere every physical reality is permeated by Microbes.  This in turn is precisely the case with Maruts as described in Vedas.)

इस वेद मंत्र के तीन भाष्य निम्न लिखित प्राप्त होते हैं

1.महर्षि दयानंद कृत भाष्य से, मरुत देवता , (मिह: ) वर्षा जल से सींचने वाले पवन (यामाभि: )अपने जाने के मार्गों से (घ) ही (त्यम्) उस (नपातम्) जलो को  न गिराने  और (अमृघ्रम्) गीला न करने वाले (पृथुम्) बडे (चित्) भी (दीर्घम्) स्थूल मेघ को (प्रच्यावयान्ति) भूमि पर गिरा देते हैं.

2.सायण भाष्य: (मरुद्गण) निश्चय कर के उस किसी लम्बे चौडे न रोके जाने वाले मेघ के पुत्र (वर्षा) को अपनी यात्राओं के साथ हाँक कर ले जाते हैं.

3.दामोदर सातवलेकर भाष्य: (त्यं चित् घ) उस प्रसिद्ध (दीर्घ) बहुत लम्बे (पृथुं) फैले हुवे (अमृघ्रं) जिस का कोई नाश नही कर सकता ,ऐसे (मिह: न पातं)जल की वृष्टि न करने वाले मेघ को भी यह वीर मरुत् (यामाभि: ) अपनी गतियों से (प्र च्यावयन्ति) हिला देते हैं.

तीनो विद्वत् महानुभावों के उपरोक्त भाष्यों मे एक मुख्य विषय निर्विवादित है कि “ ऐसे लम्बे बडे मेघों से जो वर्षा नही करते मरुद्गण अपने प्रभाव से वर्षा करा देते हैं”

यह कैसे सम्भव होता है इस को आज आधुनिक विज्ञान इस प्रकार बता रहा है.पृथ्वी पर उत्पन्न हरियाली और गले सडे पत्तों मे जो सूक्ष्म जीवाणु पाए जाते हैं उन मे से कुछ को स्यूडिमोनस सिरिगै के  नाम से जाना जाता है . यह सूक्ष्म जीवाणु वायुमंडल मे फैल कर आकाश की ओर मेघ मंडल तक पहुंच जाते हैं. इन जीवाणुओं मे मेघ मंडल मे वहां के ताप मान पर ही हिम कण उत्पन्न करने की क्षमता होती है. इसी सूक्षमाणु  के प्रभाव से मेघ मंडल वर्षा करने को बाध्य हो जाता है.

यदि मनुष्य अपने स्वार्थ वश पृथ्वी पर वनस्पति हरयाली की मात्रा को कम कर देता है, या ऐसे वृक्ष लगाता है जैसे पहाडों पर चीड (pine), जिस से पृथ्वी की हरयाली कम या समाप्त हो जाती है तो स्पष्ट है कि पृथ्वी पर वर्षा के उपयोगी मरुद्गणों का अभाव हो जाएगा. जिस के  परिणाम स्वरूप  वर्षा का अभाव हो जाएगा.

ऐसे क्षेत्रों मे जहां पर्याप्त हरयाली और वर्षा उपयोगी मरुद्गण वतावरण मे  उपस्थित हों वहां विशेष यज्ञ द्वारा इन मरुद्गणों को मेघमन्डल मे पहुंचाने मे यज्ञाग्नि सहायक हो कर शीघ्र वर्षा कराती है

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