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|| आ नो भद्राः क्रतवो यन्तु विश्वतः || Let nobel thoughts come to us from everywhere, from all the world || 1.89.1 Rigveda ||
Section : Science and Technology

Indian Thoughts, Advanced Modern Concepts
The Quantum theory supports this view and the Theory also lends evidence to the existence of other universe at the other planes that exist simultaneously!

By Venkata Ramanan


We live in a Technological Age.


Whatever Theories have been formed they find expression in Technology.


Technology is so advanced that we are in fact of theories to support them!


Yet some of the Theories in Science need further examination and updating


Indian Philosophy has crossed this barrier thousands of years back and some of the Theories which we use now had ben used by them and were developed further,


(Note. In India, we use the term Philosophy in the broadest sense ,that is to know, to be aware of;Science is included in this)


But then there have been claims often that ’this is in Indian Philosophy,the finding is not new’.


This statement has been repeated ad nausea that people have started ridiculing these assertions.


We shall examine some of the Theories of Indian Philosophy and their relevance to modern Scientific Thought.


( When we say Indian Philosophy, it includes all systems of Thought ,Buddhism,Jainism,Sankhya,Nihilism,Atheism)


To begin with take the fundamental of Science.


The essentials of Science rest on two Axioms.


a)Law of Uniformity of Nature and


b)Theory of cause and Effect


Modern Physics , till recently, has been so rigid in its assertion that the laws of Physics are Universal and apply to the Universe.


Now they have revised their opinion.


They have come to the conclusion that the Physical laws that exist in our plane of existence may not be true or applicable to other levels.


The Quantum theory supports this view and the Theory also lends evidence to the existence of other universe at the other planes that exist simultaneously!


How does Indian Philosophy look at this problem , what is its stand on this and how does it explain these phenomena?


Indian Philosophy confirms the existence of 14 present Universes in our plane and more in other planes.


Modern Physics has proved,albeit theoretically, the existence of 11 planes that exist in different co ordinates.


We shall examine this .


2.Mathematics and Time .


Those who are keeping tabs of modern physics are aware that Time Travel is theoretically possible, though modern physics can not reconcile certain facts.


Those who have read Isaac Asimov’s “Eternity’ and seen some of the Hollywood Films on Time,like The Moth man Prophecy (based on True life story),’Next’ will know that by extending the Logic of these films which are correct any way), one can see the contradiction.


If one were to travel back in Time , meet his self at that point of time and kills him /kill his mother ,Grand mother before (the man in who travelled to the past) before they were responsible e for his birth, what happens to his existence now?


If Time travel is possible, we can also alter Time.


When we alter Time we are altering Events which have happened already.


If we alter them now, what happens to the Events that have taken place?


Take the general Theory of Relativity.


Einstein’s Theory states Light is the fastest traveling medium .


During his Time it was proved that there are particles that travel faster than Light.


Einstein replied that if they travel faster than the Velocity of Light, they no longer remain Matter!


The what is Matter?


Also note the Principles of Motion by Newton.


Newton uses the term velocity to indicate Speed as Speed can have negative integers, namely Positive and Negative.


How does a common Mind accept this?


And if we cover distances swiftly by travelling fast, then theoretically at least, at some velocity, we should be reaching the Destination before we left!


Motion is movement from One point to another, right.


Science axiom state that Space infinitely divisible.


So Motion will be covering infinite Space.


That means Motion is impossible!


Hoe does Indian Thought solve this problem?


By The Non Linear Theory of Time.


We shall deal with this, the concept of other Universes, The Concept of Infinity and Zero.


………….                                               To be continued


What if some kills himself/Father /Mother by going back in Time, what happens to his Existence?


Does he exist or not?


Physicists, based on Quantum Mechanics , declare that our Universal Laws do not apply to things /Events existing at other planes.


Hinduism and Science.

Science and Hinduism


Are there other planes of existence?


Do Multiverses exist as proved by The Quantum Theory?


What is Theory of Evolution of The Universe?


Did they anticipate Electric lights?


What is Infinity and are there particles that travel faster than Light?


Modern Science measures astronomical distances with the Unit of Light.


Is it the correct way or are there better ways?


What exactly is Sound?


How does a language affect one’s Life?


What exactly is Magnetism?


Did people know how to travel in Space?


If so,did they have a Craft and design and how was it fuelled?


Did our ancestors develop Weapons of Mass Destruction(WMD)?


How does it compare with Hydrogen,Atom and Neutron Bombs?


Or did they have Cluster Bombs and nerve gas ?


Did they possess the skills of Clairvoyance,Clairaudience,Telepathy and Kinetasis?


To which Level had they evolved in terms of Military Strategy and battle Formations?


Test Tube babies-are they Modern developments?


Were they aware of Organ Transplants?


Were there aware Stem Cell Research and rejuvenation of dead Organs?


What is their view od Brain Death?


What about Genealogy ?


What are X and Y chromosomes?


Nan we predict the days on which you can have sexual inter course to beget a child of your choice?


Or what did they know of Consciousness and were there any records of “Near Death Experiences?


Did they know about the Organisation of Organisation Structure?


Were there any concepts that prove the Axioms of Science?


Did they have a system of Logic which overtakes the Logical Positivism of Bertrand Russell?


Have they developed the best language for Computer?


We shall in a Series of articles examine these thoughts and some more interesting points.


The examination will not be in “ we told you so’ mode but an exposition of facts taken from our Texts ,


The Vedas,


The Ramayana, of Valmiki


Adhyatma Ramayana


The Mahabharata,


Yoga Sutras of Patanjali


Nyya Vaasishtam by Vasishta.


Asthavakra Samhita


And many more and they will be referred to as and when required.


The Vishnu Purana .


Bhavishya Purana.


Kalki Purana.


Brahmanada Purana.


Saptha Bhangi Naya of Jainism.


Vigyana Vada of Buddhism.


Purva Mimaamsa


The Upanishads.


We will examine them and interpret them in the language of Modern Physics.


We would also predict the route Modern Science will take or ought to take and the results they are likely to get.


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