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|| आ नो भद्राः क्रतवो यन्तु विश्वतः || Let nobel thoughts come to us from everywhere, from all the world || 1.89.1 Rigveda ||
Section : Economics

India\'s Economic EMERGENCY?
The unemployment problem is one of the major reasons over 9 lakh Maratha protesters bought Mumbai to standstill earlier this year-the biggest protest ever seen in the city-demanding reservations for government jobs.

By Vivek Kaul

The media and government are telling us we're doing fine.

But the facts below prove: We're about to be hit by 
one of the biggest financial disasters in history.

And there's little the government can do about it.

But if you learn about this urgent situation right now
you could protect yourself and your loved ones 
while the rest of the country is still trying 
to understand what's going on...

Dear Reader,

At first glance, our country seems to be on a good path.

The unemployment rate is only 3.5%... the GDP is still growing at about 5.7%... and the Sensex recently hit an all-time high of 32,575...

But I believe, things aren't as good as they appear.

In fact, right now there's an economic firestorm brewing overhead this pretty picture. And it could possibly bring down the entire Indian economy, wiping out the hard-earned savings of millions of Indians just like you.

And that's why I'm writing to you today.

If you don't prepare yourself right now, disaster could destroy everything you've worked so hard for.

But read this letter right now, because, trust me...

The initial symptoms of the crisis are already here...

Why Doctors Are Applying to be Peons...

Yes, there's no telling how bad it could get...

Hard to believe? I know.

But consider this...

A young man named Alok r ecently graduated with an engineering degree. He is smart and educated. It looks like he has a bright future ahead of him.

He just applied for one of 368 newly advertised jobs.

But this isn't the type of job you'd expect someone like Alok to apply for...

In fact, the job he applied for is one of the least attractive government jobs available. He would basically be an office boy.

And people like Alok are not an exception...

In fact, he's up against 2.3 MILLION of his fellow citizens for these jobs, many of them also have degrees-some even hold doctorate degrees!

2.3 million applications for just 368 jobs!

What is going on and why should you care?

In 2014, when our current Prime Minister was elected, he promised us one of the biggest job initiative in the history of our country. With his "Make in India" plan, he promised us higher wages and secure employment for willing job seekers.

But what Alok and millions of others like him are discovering...

None of that has happened.

In fact, Modi's ambitious plan could actually be the trigger for the worst socio-economic crisis we have ever seen in our country.

And this fear was further echoed by Raghuram Rajan, one of the most astute RBI Governors and a globally renowned Economist, when during his recent book launch, he said...

"Remember that we have what we call the population dividend. A million new people entering the labour force every month.

If we don't provide these jobs that are required, you have a million dissatisfied entrants. And that could create a lot of social mischief."

- Dr Raghuram Rajan

So, Dr Rajan has already warned us all that if the government does not do anything immediately about the job crisis...the repercussions could be huge and long lasting.

Effectively, leading India towards what we call an Economic Emergency.

And to make the matters worse, the employment crisis is just 1 of 4 early warning signs which indicate that the Indian economy is about to be hit by a runaway freight train.

But first... perhaps you're wondering, why you should even listen to me?

Vivek Kaul - Editor

Hi I am Vivek Kaul...

Perhaps you've seen one of my articles in The Economic Times, Daily News and Analysis or another of the many news outlets my works has appeared in...

Or you might have read my bestselling book series,Easy Money...

Maybe you've even watched my TED talk on YouTube.

For over a decade now, I have been closely tracking, and writing about financial and economic issues critical to millions of Indians...

For example, as early as January 2015, I wrote about the crisis in the public banking sector...

Since then, things have gotten so worse the government is planning mergers and privatizations to prevent public banks from failing...

1 million bank employees took to the streets in protest.

And last time the government announced that unemployment was just 5 %, I revealed that the story was much worse.

In the October issue of my newsletter, I wrote how close to half the workforce is self-employed-and that the media spins this as India being a nation of entrepreneurs.

Indeed, Modi repeated this same talking point during his 2017 Independence Day speech...

But according to news reports,  many individuals are "entrepreneurs" because they have no other choice...

Modi claims these "entrepreneurs" will create jobs, but more than two-thirds of them make less than Rs 7,500 per month-how can they afford to hire anyone when they barely get by themselves?

The unemployment problem is one of the major reasons over 9 lakh Maratha protesters bought Mumbai to standstill earlier this year-the biggest protest ever seen in the city-demanding reservations for government jobs.

The bottom-line is, the economic situation in India is getting worse, not better.

And yet, none of my peers in the mainstream media want to talk about these issues until it's too late.

This lack of honest, unbiased and concrete views is the reason why I am writing to you today.

You see, I believe that there is an Economic Emergency coming to India...

It could happen next month...

A year down the line...

But what's irrefutable, in my view, are the facts that almost make it a certainty.

And that's why I believe you need to start preparing for this Economic Emergency right now.

Yes, even though the Indian economy has boomed at an unprecedented level, it's not immune to meltdown, like we saw in 2008 when the Sensex lost more than half its value in a little over a year...

It took 6 years for the Sensex to regain its losses.

But now, I believe something bigger, and much more catastrophic is coming.

That's why I've created this urgent warning...

Introducing Your Economic
Emergency "Survival Guide"

This coming crisis is more serious than anything we've ever seen.

It could

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