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Section : Economics

Earth to have 12.3 billion people by 2100
biggest question is: will this increase have a toll on global resources like water, food and weather?

By NVO News

World population is going to go up substantially in the next 86 years. Earth to have 12.3 billion people by 2100

The population on earth is increasing and if it goes on like this then there are chances that by 2100 it might balloon to anywhere between 9.6 and 12.3 billion. The latest data presented by a new report that used statistics from the United Nations has come as a surprise to many.

This is more than what was estimated by researchers. Earlier, they had predicted that the population would only reach 7.2 billion. So the biggest question is: will this increase have a toll on global resources like water, food and weather?

aam admi party rally haryanaIt is too early for experts to predict but yes the new estimates of population growth has outstripped previous calculations of 7.2 billion and is cause of concern for many.

According to the report, the root cause of expected population has been high birth rates in Africa. It is this continent where the number of people is expected to increase manifold from one billion to four billion in the coming 86 years.

UN demographer Patrick Gerland told the Associated Press: “Earlier projections were strictly based on scenarios, so there was no uncertainty. This work provides a more statistically driven assessment that allows us to quantify the predictions, and offer a confidence interval that could be useful in planning.”

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